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Types of Air Purification Systems for Homes and Business

An air purification or air conditioning unit is a machine that removes airborne contaminants in a certain room from the air to enhance indoor air quality. These machines are commonly sold as being helpful to asthma and allergy patients and also in removing or reducing secondhand tobacco smoke in the home. They also are often used for industrial work, in places where there may be dangerous fumes, or to control mold in the home. The ability of one of these devices to eliminate certain impurities in the air can be desirable for many different people, especially those who suffer from allergies and asthma, however there are a number of different types and features that should be considered when purchasing one.

There are four main types of air purifiers; HEPA air purifiers, portable air purifiers, single room air cleaners, and ductless purifiers. The most common type of air purification is an air purifier with HEPA filters. One of the best known HEPA air purifiers is the brands made by HEPA, the maker of the popular and effective vacuum cleaners. However, there are other manufacturers of HEPA air purifiers, including Easyclean and Oreck.

The other types of air purification available for homes and offices are ventless and ductwork air purification systems. A ductwork indoor air purification system consists of multiple filters that catch dust, mold, dust mites, bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. The filters need to change on a regular basis to maintain optimal indoor air quality, so they can become very costly over time. Indoor air ducts can be expensive to install, but they can also be the source of nasty smells around the house, particularly if there are a lot of people using the ducts. These ducts will need to be sealed to keep contaminants from entering the home or office. Some ducts have been found to leak, releasing toxic gases into the living spaces.

A newer type of air purification is Photo Electron Means of Purification (PAN), which uses heat energy to convert particles in the air into harmless ions, thus preventing them from being airborne. There are two different methods of photoelectrochemical oxidation: non-photoactive and photoactive. Non-photoactive air purifiers utilize ultraviolet light to kill particles, but the particles themselves are not changed, so they can cause reactions in biological systems such as plants and animals. A photoactive air purification system combines the best of both methods, utilizing ultraviolet light to kill air contaminants, yet changing the particles into ions so they can be released into the air.

A third type of air purification is achieved through mechanical ventilation, where air is drawn into an air conditioner or removed from an area through a filter. Air filtering devices can range from very simple household devices, which simply block dust particles from entering the air, to complex machines used in hospitals to filter entire rooms of air. Another popular method of mechanical ventilation is by using a ventilator, which can be installed at a home's ceiling to draw dirty air upward and out of the home, or a room of a storeroom so that the air flowing through the shop is cleaner than the air outside.

All three of these methods are important in the fight against smog and other air pollutants. They remove impurities such as smoke, dust, pollen, mold, fungus, dust mites, germs, smoke, and more. Many people suffer from asthma attacks, as well as from a variety of other respiratory illnesses because of the contaminants in the air they breathe. With all of these pollutants in the air, it is not surprising that many people have symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and a heavy feeling in the chest. Having clean air to breathe is imperative in today's world, and air purifiers are a great way to help. View here for more info.

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